Rent to Own Ontario

There are some minimum requirements for income which varies from city to city, but in general it will be $95,000 independent or combined income and just a 3% deposit of today’s purchase price which is typically $10,000 unless the purchase price is under $300,000.
The RENT to OWN approach to real estate ownership is a proven program available exclusively with Wayne to solve today’s home buying difficulties! We have had families achieve title registered home ownership using the program who never dreamed they would own a home..To help build your own personal wealth, your OCCUPANCY payments are collected which contributes directly to your savings, as opposed to traditional renting where you are basically giving your hard earned money to the landlord, never to be seen again.
We can make it work for almost anyone!
* Good credit with a shortfall of savings for down payment
* Bad Credit: Credit scores as low as 400 can qualify for the program. Wayne has an affiliation with a credit repair company that specializes in fixing the worst credit or establishing a credit history.
* Self Employed, Commission based, Salary + bonus, Cash income - anyone that is proven income challenged for mortgage approval
* New Immigrants
Get your dream home with RENT to OWN Ontario
Typically, today to be able to be approved for a mortgage with less than 20% down is highly unlikely, however if you follow our exclusive program we will guarantee that you will be approved. The terms and requirements to qualify for a high ratio mortgage have become increasingly difficult and unfortunately, there are more turn downs than approvals. This program has been in the western provinces for over 25 years, and now it is an easier, more available step to home ownership in Ontario.
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It is as simple as;
1) Filling out the forms or calling or emailing.
2) Requesting an appointment.
3) Getting approved.
YES! it is possible but you need to get moving.


YES, it really does work, listen to our testimonials



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